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Press Room

Press Room at InovoSpine in Houston, TX

Welcome to the press room at InovoSpine. Get the latest press releases and information about our services and health-related topics. For more information, contact us.

Press Room at InovoSpine, in Houston, TX
Press Room at InovoSpine, in Houston, TX

Dr. Grover’s Medical Correspondent work

  • FOX News Network – Medical Contributor Hurricanes Katrina & Rita
  • CNN, CNN International, CNN/HN – The Life of Dr. Grover, 2004
  • Larry King Live, May 1994: appeared as an expert on pain management to discuss the under treatment of pain and its barriers, with a terminally ill cancer patient who Dr. Grover treated
  • Featured on CNN, ABC World News Tonight, Good Morning America
  • Discovery Channel: Documentary on Dr. Grover’s career
  • ABC, CBS, NBC[Pain management breakthroughs]
  • PBS-Chronic Pain series
  • CBS
    • Chronic Pain series
    • New treatment for Pain
    • Dr. Grover vs. Jack Kevorkian

Newspaper Featured Stories

  • The New York Times, USA Today, Houston Post, The Detroit Free Press and Reuters News Service. India Herald, India Abroad. Indo-American News
  • Houston Chronicle
    • Cover story on Dr. Grover and his appearance on Larry King Live 1994 – by Leslie Sowers
    • “Busy Doctor helps others” Weekend story- by Chris Tupper
    • “Pain Specialist offers to aid Kevorkian Client’-by Glen Goloighty

International Publications

  • India Today and International Reporter, Bibi Magazine

Houston Network Television AffiliateCoverage: 1993 to Present

  • NBC, KPRC, Channel 2
    • Medical Correspondent- Daily Newscasts
  • CBS, KHOU, Channel 11
    • “World of Pain” series
    • Dr. Grover with patient featured on Larry King
    • New treatment for Pain- Radiofrequency lesioning, Dr. Grover
    • Grover and Jack Kevorkian
    • Study for intractable angina, Dr. Grover
    • Channel 11’s Outstanding Community Service, Dr. Grover
  • ABC, KTRK, Channel 13
    • New alternatives for Jack Kevorkian, Dr. Grover
    • New treatment for chronic back pain, Dr. Grover
    • Intractable Angina Study
    • Red Duke series on chronic pain featuring Dr. Grover
    • Series on Radiofrequency lesioning
    • Series on nerve blocks for pain
  • FOX 26
    • Breakthroughs in Chronic Pain with Dr. Grover 2003
  • KNWS, Channel 51
    • “Texas Today” – News Health Features hosted by Dr. Grover