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Arachnoiditis Treatment Specialist

Arachnoiditis Treatment Specialist in Houston, TX

Arachnoiditis is a type of pain syndrome brought on by inflammation of the arachnoid, the membrane that surrounds the spinal cord’s nerves. Neurological symptoms from the illness may include persistent pain, weakened muscles, and in extreme situations, paralysis. Our professional, Dr. Pawan Grover, MDPA at InovoSpine offers treatment for arachnoiditis, a disorder that affects the spine. For more information, contact us or book an online appointment. We serve patients from Houston, TX and surrounding areas.

Arachnoiditis Treatment Specialist Near Me in Houston, TX
Arachnoiditis Treatment Specialist Near Me in Houston, TX

Table of Contents:

What is arachnoiditis?
What causes arachnoiditis?
What are the symptoms of arachnoiditis?
What is the treatment for arachnoiditis?

What is arachnoiditis?

Arachnoiditis is a type of pain disorder that affects the spine. The nerves in the spinal cord are surrounded and protected by three different membranes, known as the dura mater, pia mater, and arachnoid mater. When the arachnoid becomes inflamed, it causes a constant burning and severe stinging sensation as well as neurological problems.

When the arachnoid becomes inflamed, it swells up, potentially leading to the formation of scar tissue which can result in the nerves of the spinal cord sticking together and preventing them from functioning properly. There are several reasons why the arachnoid can become inflamed, leading to this condition. The symptoms of arachnoiditis can vary as it hasn’t shown itself to have a consistent pattern within the symptoms, however, the one common symptom people experience is pain. Arachnoiditis does not have a cure however sufferers can find relief working through a pain specialist, such as the team at InovoSpine, using different types of pain management to relieve the pain.

What causes arachnoiditis?

There isn’t one single cause of arachnoiditis, but rather several factors that have been shown to impact the arachnoid and cause people to feel pain along the spine.

The following sources can cause irritation in the arachnoid, which can result in arachnoiditis:

– Injury directly to the spine
– Chemicals from the dye used for myelograms, which is no longer a form of the test being used, and potentially preservatives that can be found in some epidural steroid injections
– Infection from a bacteria or fungus such as viral and fungal meningitis or tuberculosis can have an impact on the spine
– Chronic compression of the spinal nerves due to chronic degenerative disc disease and advanced spinal stenosis
– Complications from spinal surgery or other spinal procedures that are invasive in nature, including multiple lower back punctures

People experiencing severe pain in their back should get checked out to find the source of the pain, whether it be from arachnoiditis or another serious condition. At InovoSpine, our team is well-versed in medical disorders and diseases that affect the spine and can diagnose your condition and provide you with a treatment plan to help you manage the pain and resume your daily activities.

What are the symptoms of arachnoiditis?

There are a variety of symptoms that sufferers have reported as related to their individual cases of arachnoiditis. The most commonly reported symptom has been pain, typically in the lower back, but also in the legs in some cases. The pain experienced by the condition is most often described as a severe stinging or burning pain in the affected area.

Additional noted symptoms of arachnoiditis include:

– Numbness, weakness, or tingling sensations in the legs
– A pins and needles sensation
– Joint pain
– Fatigue
– Ringing in the ears
– Bladder problems

Arachnoiditis has no cure and so symptoms can increase in severity and even become permanent as the disease progresses. In a lot of cases, people with arachnoiditis are not able to work due to the constant pain that renders them severely disabled and unable to walk.

What is the treatment for arachnoiditis?

Arachnoiditis, unfortunately, does not have a cure. Treatment plans for people suffering from the pain disorder are focused on finding relief from the pain or ways to improve the symptoms the sufferer is experiencing. Plans to help people with arachnoiditis can include a combination of different alternative therapies, typically overseen by a pain specialist, such as the experts at InovoSpine.

The therapies used in an arachnoiditis treatment plan can include physiotherapy, psychotherapy, exercise, and a pain management program. Surgery has been performed on some patients, but there is no confirmation that it has been an effective method of treating the condition, often only providing short-term relief.

If you are suffering from arachnoiditis, or some other form of back pain, reach out to the team at InovoSpine to discuss treatment options to get relief from the pain to help you resume your daily activities. Contact us today for an appointment. We serve patients from Houston TX, Hedwig Village TX, Meadows Place TX, Missouri City TX, Hunters Creek Village TX, Spring Valley Village TX and surrounding areas.